TGS Express Line LTD
Tel: 604-503-5233
Fax: 604-503-5234
Cell: 604-727-3127

Welcome to T.G.S Express Line LTD!

As a company, TGS prides itself in providing the best customer service in the industry. From start to finish, you are in the hands of the most knowledgeable, professional and courteous trailer pickup & delivery team in the business.

Over 13 years and millions of miles and successfull freight is your assurence of excellence troughtout all routes in B.C.Contact us now and get your fright in right direction.

The TGS Express Line LTD is Specializes in serving in all over British Columbia.We have dadicated equipment personnels.

Our Services
  • FTL/LTL(Interline) with Pickup & Delivery
  • General Freight Service
  • Interlining to all points in B.C
  • Hourly Tractor&Straight Truck Service & 5 Ton Truck
  • Tractor Services with Trailer and without Trailer
  • Dry Van Service
  • Container Service
  • Reefer Service
  • Flat Bad Service